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When man fell from Grace, that is to say, gained self consciousness, he saw himself naked. Vulnerable, and gained therefore the knowledge of how he himself could be hurt, and thereby the knowledge of how to hurt others; evil. In this view every self conscious creature contain “the sinn of Adam”.

Throughout the history of christianity which obscurly has adresseed this problem through the discussion on how and why one might attain grace really seemes like a discussion on mans potential freeing from God.

Attaining grace can therefore by this logic (of the fall from grace) potentially be done in two ways; reverse the evolution of intelligence resulting in self consciousness or solve the riddle. This boils down to how to escape or overcome suffering. The eastern traditions have through utterly sophisticated youga techniques on the mind solved this when one attain buddahood.

In western religion, as well as most other religions in general, this understanding is apparrent but not articulated. The discussions with the purpose of solving this has therefore allways ended in sdetracks, and the end conclusions has allways remained obscure in paradoxes and the neccessity of faith and belief.

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So how would the continued track to this “western enlightenment” look like?

First of all, we have to forget about spesiffic factions within christianity, and rather direct our attention to theo-philosophical pregressers like the experts on the fundament, the old testament; Cicero, Senica, Augustin, and with the great debaters leading to the reformation and the breakingpoint in to deism and ateism, as all are important counterbalances to eachother.

Most of the spesiffic factions, most easily recognisable with the pelagianistic perspectives may be recognized as important opposing forces to generate further debate, but just as most species of animals and the speicimen Homo alike, have most died out because of faults in relation to their spesiffic environment.

The first option, to reverse this evolution, is the definate most attempted way, eg. Alcohol, consumerism, and all possible ways to forget that one are, but unfortunate for the attempters, impossible.

The second option, to “win the game”, that is to say, a secret to win all possible games, where as all of them have ever changing rules,- without beening affected, holds the answer, or ability. This looks like the path of the Hermetics

the transendence of selfcounsciousness through death and resurection – take this to the tradition of the sacraments of eating the body and blood of christ, meaning more of that is a cure for suffering, for the attainment of consciousness —- Or something like this, Im trying to grapple with this idea, but its like an unpronounced christian way of enlightenment, bypassing God, thereby beeing God




4.5  billion years ago a sight at earth would have been a sea of volcanic activity, gass lakes and dead cold rock. Almost a billion years later the same sight would be an endless sea of water and weather, still lifeless. Some hundred million years later the same sea would be abundant with life, ranging from huge mammals of several tonns down to the simplest versions of life resembling only a few self-replecating cells. 

Everything was in the ocean. 

As some point some of that everything got a cool new feature, later called legs. Those legs later developed in to some brainy monkeys with a unlimited obsession of polymers, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and other rearrangement of their ancient ancestors containment (read Oil)(//which over some time become oil), as well as tea, digestives, tinder and hamburgers. 

For the first time since Earth stopped being attacked by the universe, life in the oceans declined. The first to be largely gone was the largest, which first was eaten by the floating monkey cities build of steel with an endless appetite. After forty years or so these steel islands seemed to finally get full and largely despaired, but the whales had a hard time due to a weird new species of food, sometimes almost invisible, sometimes colourful, tasted less fish, and had a very indigestible texture to it. This new species seemed to be the only one which did`t seem to be disappearing gradually, except for the deepwater crabs which had a feast of literally several lifetimes on all the larger creatures which was allergic to this new specie. They did´t care much for this flaky and inconsistent careless gooe, other than practical occasional shelter. 

The feast lasted more than decades, but was not endless. At last it stopped all together. 

The observed vast ocean was again lifeless. 

Okay, so you`re looking for a solution to this, yea?

We may try to educate the fish to stop eating plastic, the birds to stop entangle them self in it, the turtles to stop snorting it, or we might just have to take our garbage out of the food chain of literally every organism currently living.

So, how do we  do this. 

(Getting up in the morning, having a pee halfway through your morning coffee while thinking about that you forgot your phone on the kitchen so you can’t check instagram on the toilet. What a pity, know that feeling. ) Then you 

We go out in the garden, called the world, and turn off the tap that pukes out 8 million tonnes of plastic in to the ocean every year. 

Then, we take the good old rag and clean up the 150 million tonnes of plastic that is already a part of the great soup. 

Then we make brainy monkeys wanting to buy the soup-plastic instead of making more plastic.

 I`ts That Simple. 

Why is there something rather than nothing, and how did the universe “start”.

13 billion years ago the universe just “appeared” out of nothing, and ever since smart people have tried to understand how nothing can have the property of causing something. The problem here, in my opinion, is the way we look at timelines. Finally, in later years since “space quanta” is theorized to be more than philosophical pseudoscience, we see that time = space, and time as a ticking clock has more to do with thermodynamics than anything else.  When “the beginning of time” is discussed it’s easy to forget that we are equally talking about “the beginning of space”, but that does not mean that nothing was “before”. The problem is that “before” in itself did not exist without space, and since the universe was infinite small (or probably more exact “h”, Planck length) in the moment of “creation”, or reappearance, we are still not talking about a time loop. The theory that everything will happen again, and have always happened an infinite number already collapses when the timeline is completely dependent on the properties of its encapsulating space. Time does not exist outside space.

What is god, and why is he not dead. 

Humans believe when confused, understands when conscious. 

There has been an elephant in the space of my mind regarding why religion has been a dominant part of all history of human life until approximately my grandparent’s generation, where this apparently was no longer something we needed. …Why?

I am not a believer in the traditional sense, apart for my observation that I am, nature “is” and is way too complex for mere coincidental bumping of atoms, and that a highly evolved system of concurrently evolving intelligence is accompanying the pure matter we see as nature. Neglecting this is like neglecting that anyone or anything except you have stuff going on in your head. The will of others is not visible to the external world. Only observable as behaviouristic manifestations, in the same way, subconscious manifestations are not easily interpreted unless we give it names – gods and spirits, or archetypes.  While almost not recognising our own evolutionary patterns, how can we then recognise that it is the same logical backbone to all biological nature?   

What’s creating nature is also our creator, and I find it more than reasonable to think that religion has a clear function other than as a crutch to aid man through the suffering of life.

God is a central part of all human history, not because “God is”, but because nature is. The God image, a better way of think about it, an archetype of the subconsciousness, evolved to tackle the challenges our reality might throw at us in the exact same manner our eyes will tell the brain to tell the central and peripheral nervous system to tell the necessary muscles to contract so that the body reacts accordingly to e.g. a stone flying towards us in the air; we bow automatically to not get hit, and we do so long before we consciously have actually seen it. That is a function of human. The same way all the archetypes is functions. Two of the reasons we fail to acknowledge this is; what we depict as a god, the old Christian image is no longer sufficient to our general conscious life, and secondly, our imminent need of such function is no longer as crucial as life got safer and more comfortable. A “perfect life” does not seek a present god.  

It`s no surprise that the traditional Christian image of God has lost its foothold in the modern society and that the remaining practices are in many cases only a shadow of its former self, used for traditionally conventions, which as a whole might bring it even further away from its function of origin. In worst cases it`s used as a shield for bad morality, which works only because people affected are not sufficiently articulated or do not understand what they think or believe, and have therefore no power against abuse. The social convention, or dogma, of inflicting with religious “will” is well acknowledged to not be favourable behaviour, only except if the opposition is stated by another religious group, which in case no one is taking anyone seriously. 

(That is without neglecting the positive impact a religious belief system still has on many.)

I think 

As the general suffering of most humans is 

This leaves us in a vulnerable state as anything with a dominant trustworthy facade, with the power of depicting an alternative future may get the role of a God-image in those who are unconsciously looking for it. There are several good examples of this happening in modern history with catastrophic outcomes, except for the ones counteracting it. 

When the god-image is to be left in man, and not externalised, it`s the natural functions of “nature” which shapes the behaviour of this “God”, in direct correspondence to the need of the individual within a community and society. This is the only outcome that can to be trusted, else there would not be any humans or anything else living. 

Masters are coming

Plants and mammals work in coalition to each other, like a helix. If a helix only has one «spiral», it’s not a helix, and it does not work.
Mammals use Adaptogens rebalance our machinery usually made of flesh and blood (of some kind). But what I think also in a way happened the day Eve took a bite of the little gift handed over by the snake, was that we also lost our synergising ability to benefit the plants on their command when needed.

Another story is that; The snake, what happened with it? Why did it do it in the first place? Humans = (was) Tree-people. Snakes = like trees. How to get rid of humans? Make them «walk» away. 

My point here is, in the light of the Masterplants entering the global society, I think they need some form of adaptogenic ability in us humans to break through. I believe we in some way have to make a conversion of the rituals, the approach, the way of indulging it but not to any of the more or less primordial belief systems, just translated to a language the analytical neo-Christian western world understands. I also believe a further «translation» would be beneficent to specific countries and cultures. 

To be able to continue to live on the same planet without completely indulge upon absolutely all of the most different communities and cultures which still exist all our westerly garbage (what to think, belief, consumerism and fright), we cannot forcefully introduce this upon the ones who should be pupils of the Masters. 

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