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To decide to sail around the world is a matter of choosing a lifestyle a bit out of the ordinary. It is without question a huge privilege to be able to live and travel as a sailor, and my deepest wishes is to exploit the opportunities it gives by giving “my share of human resources” to the battle for our planets blood circulation system, against plastic and sea-waste, pollution and human mistreatment of everything living, Gaia.

Explore: Empower and The Chilli-Empower Expedition

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I decided on this project late 2014, together with two mates, whom later resigned. It was a hard hit suddenly standing alone wit a dream like this, but as the wish to proceed just kept growing (and the fact that preparations and research had taken up about 98% of all m free-time and money the past two years) as saw it not only as a lifetime opportunity, but as a duty as a well-functioning (may be discussed) organism to carry out this education, to see the relativity of the world.

Chilli was discovered and bought March 2016, and the past two years has been an endless stream of smaller and larger projects, resulting in a pretty much complete refit/overhaul of everything. Now she hunger for blue waters!

Most of this webpage is still in Norwegian. Im working on translating everything, but please use Google ENG Translation(LINK) and take it with a pinch of salt. The videos are mostly without spoken words / eng, so check out the VLOGS and my Youtube Ch.

// Current position : Brazil, Amazonas

If you would like to support me Im sorry to say thats not possible (even though Im poor and needy) as I don`t feel Im currently contributing much to the greater good, but if you would like to support something worthy (and go plastic-positive):