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To decide to sail around the world is a matter of choosing a lifestyle a bit out of the ordinary. It is without question a huge privilege to be able to live and travel as a sailor, and my deepest wishes is to exploit the opportunities it gives by giving “my share of human resources” to the battle for our planets vascular system, against plastic, sea-waste, pollution and human mistreatment of everything living, Gaia.


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I decided on this project late 2014, together with two mates, whom later resigned. It was a hard hit suddenly standing alone wit a dream like this, but as the wish to proceed just kept growing (and the fact that preparations and research had taken up about 98% of all my free-time and money the past two years) I saw it not only as a lifetime opportunity, but as a duty, being a well-functioning (may be discussed) organism, to carry out this education; to see the relativity of this reality.

Chilli was discovered and bought March 2016, and the past two years has been an endless stream of smaller and larger projects, resulting in a pretty much complete refit/overhaul of everything. Now she hunger for blue waters!

Most of this web page is still in Norwegian. I`m working on translating most, but please use the translate function at the right side of the pages, and take it with a grain of salt. The videos are mostly without spoken words / eng, so check out the VLOGS and my Youtube Ch.

If you would like to support my journey and my work, I`m humbly grateful, as my Life-raft just got stolen. Life-rafts are expensive, but if Chilli sinks, that’s kind of the price of my life, a reasonable investment.