Year One


This year has been wild.
It seems like a lifetime and just yesterday at the same time Chilli left Oslo, 10.07.18.
The departure was the end of the by far most chaotic and intense three years of my life, and on departure the boat was an absolute mess. I was an absolute mess, and my ex-girlfriend likewise.
It took some weeks before we stabilized somewhat to not spontaneously be on the brink of tears because of exhaustion. I`m still looking back to that time with fear, but at the same time it was a enormously satisfying challenge!

It was surprisingly hard to finally leave Norway,
I must admit it was a tear in my eye when we left Hidra for Shetland, knowing that I did not know when I would see Norway again. It was a huge feeling of meaninglessness, and it kept with me for several months. Questions of why and what the hell I was doing, who did I do it for, what did I expect to get out of it. Had I just been lost in a frienzy of thousends of practical problems and challenges with the random result of a circumnavigation?

Anyway, here I am, Belém, Brazil, 1 year after. I understand why now.

  • 6000nm ( 11 1111km) sailed
  • 12 new countries and 3 continents
  • 6 storms (3 at sea)
  • 12 Crew-members + Pus
  • 67 Ports and anchorages
  • 32 height meters
Sister and Brother

A huge thanks to all crew and new friends!

// Update; Chilli is back on the water after almost two months on land for repairs and new antifouling. The wooden cradle broke during the operation of getting back in the water, and would it have failed 2minutes earlier it could mean the end of the boat. Close call. See instagram for full story.
Anyway, it feels like being reborn to be back on the water, wow.
Looking forward ro receive my sister in Suriname in September, and start new studies in August, online!

2 thoughts on “Year One

  1. Fint å lese om erfaringene dine, du er utrolig😊 Hilsen fra Grethe

    > 23. jul. 2019 kl. 04:17 skrev SAILING CHILLI /// The Chilli Empower Expedition : > > >


  2. Dæven Martin! For et år, for en utfordring, for en fantastisk stayerevne!😃 Takk for postingen! Du er jaggu en tøffing og en ekte Sailor !! Jeg håper båten er sjøklar og at Kapteinen har satt kurs! Det blir spennende å følge deg videre. Lykke på reisen! Beste hilsen Jon 😁

    Sendt fra Jon Staff

    > 23. jul. 2019 kl. 04:17 skrev SAILING CHILLI /// The Chilli Empower Expedition : > > >


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