• Sailors Pie – Raspberry Pi 3b multiplexing NMEA to the network, and as redundant stand-alone nav system (based on OpenPlotter).
  • Cabled and wireless network with extender (Ubiquity Bullet M2)
  • Navico 3G Radar, only connected to the ethernet network, no fancy plotter
  • Lenovo Miix 510 Windows computer as plotter – wireless connection receiving radar picture and NAV-data from SailorsPie
  • Software; OpenCPN with Navico radar plugin
  • Matsutec AIS Transceiver – NMEA to SailorsPie with AIS/GPS
  • Icom 706MKIIG HF radio (SGC230 tuner) + Pactor IIusb for global email and weather info (grib/navtex/winlink)
  • Aft-stay as HF antenna
  • All phones, tablets and computers may connect to the network to function as alternative plotters.

All creds to Mr. Sjøli in “RaspberryPi/ Elektronikk i Båt” -Facebook group for guidance of the Raspberry pi system.

Pictures are outdated




Min Guide (Ufullstendig): SailorsPie for Dummies

Winlink (radio email) :