Influential Works

Literature and content which has been crucial to my meta-expedition and development of thoughts.
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– Books
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– Websites and online universities/ courses
– My reading list / Recommendations

Philosophy, Psychology, Biology

Other Minds
by Peter Goodfrey-Smith
Introduction to the evolution of Life

Archetypes and the collective unconscious
by Carl G. Jung

Thus spoke Zarathustra
by Fredrich Nietzsche

by Hermann Hesse
A short classic about the Gautama-Buddha

21 Lessons for the 21st Century
by Yuval Noah Harari

by Yuval Noah Harari

The Way of Zen
by Alan Watts

The Book
by Alan Watts
– The taboo against knowing who you are

Life 3.0
by Max Tegmark
A potential next step in the evolution of life; AI.

Biohacking & Health

SelfHacked Great database for supplements, adaptogens and nootropics

Dr. Berg (YT)Introductions to keto-diet, supplements and general health

by Dave Asprey
The Bulletproof “Butter-coffee” diet

The Awakened Ape
by Jevan Pradas
Biohacking and “life relatability-hacking ” in every day life.

VitaJing Herbs (YT)adaptogens, supplements and general health.

Youtube Lecturers

Jordan Petersons series on the Biblical Stories

Jordan Peterson’s series on Maps of Meaning, The Architecture of Belief

Robert Sapolsky, a favorite professor of mine teaching in human biology

Web resources

  • Unearned Wisdom – Great summaries of great books
  • Coursera – Massive collection of online University courses made by well-known universities all over the world.
  • Medium – Great page for well-written articles on all topics
  • Centre of Excellence – Online University

My Reading List / Recommendation